Our Club Accounts software follows the same philosophy as our Club Master club membership software – simplicity! Club Accounts is a very simple Income and Expenditure recording system written specifically for clubs.

We believe that if software is simple and easy to use – it works! Just as with Club Master, our buttons have text on them, not pictures. You know which button to click just by reading the caption – not the manual.

All prompts are clear and easy to understand and you don’t have to be an accountant to use this software!

The system is very simple to set up, needing to know only the start date for your financial year, the start day of your working week and whether you use calendar months or accounting periods. Once these details have been set up you can start to use the system.

Income and Expenditure types can be set up. The most usual types are already loaded but these may be added to or deleted to suit individual requirements. Budgets can be set for any or all Income and Expenditure heads. These are used for reporting and can be valuable when assessing performance.

All input routines (Income / Expenditure / Bank) are based on the week number. The week numbers are represented on the buttons on the week selector form and the current week, calculated automatically, is shown in green.

Clicking the week number required will start the appropriate input routine.

Club Accounts has a specific form for entering bar takings. It starts with the first session of your week and allows input for up to four bars / tills for two sessions per day.

All other income is input through a simple, spreadsheet type form. Clicking the New button brings up the New Income entry form shown on the right. Simply select the date, income type and payment type and enter the value. Clicking the save button enters the details in the main Income Input sheet and clears the New Income form.

Editing a line can be achieved either by double clicking it or highlighting and then clicking the Edit button. An edit form (similar to the input form) will allow you to make the changes.

Expenditure and bank transactions are entered in a very similar fashion.


Club Accounts provides weekly, monthly (or period) and annual reports.

Income and expenditure reports show variance against budget for performance comparison.

Probably the most useful report is the Finance Report which may be taken monthly (or period), quarterly and annually.

Club Accounts is currently not suitable for any organisation which is VAT registered. We are working to include the digital VAT submission required by HMRC and will update this page when complete.

For clubs which are not VAT registered, Club Accounts offers a very simple and affordable solution.

Our Club Accounts software was designed with guidance and approval from the Royal British Legion Clubs Department